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Barkefellers and COVID-19


Barkefellers and COVID-19

Apr 15th, 2020

During these unusual times, we thought it would be useful to keep all of our business changes and efforts being taken in response to COVID-19 in one place for reference. We will continue to update this post throughout the evolving situation.

First and foremost, Barkefellers is open for all four of our services (daycare, grooming, lodging, and training) during our regular business hours through curbside pick-up and drop-off. Barkefellers is considered an essential business and we are currently acting in accordance with state and federal regulations. We have decided to close our lobbies during this time so we ask that you stay and relax in your vehicle and enjoy our curbside service when you visit us.

Curbside Service:

For Drop-Offs:

  • Please pull your vehicle around and wait in your car for one of our team members to assist you shortly after your arrival.
  • Please keep a social distance of 6 feet when interacting with our team members. 
  • Please have your car door open to allow us to get your dog out of your car.
  • You are welcome to flash your lights or call our facility and dial extension 0 to reach our front desk and alert them of your arrival:
    South: (317) 881-1888
    West: (317) 273-8151
    Northeast: (317) 913-9400
  • We will check your pet in for their service that day and escort them into the building.
  • Please ensure that your pet is securely on a leash or in a carrier throughout the curbside drop-off process.
  • If you have a grooming appointment, your groomer will be happy to call you for any instructions.

For Pick-Ups and Payment:

  • Similarly, please pull your vehicle around and wait in your car for one of our team members to greet you shortly after your arrival.
  • We will check your pet out for their service that day and complete the payment process.
  • Payment will be taken by card on an iPad or cash. You may call over the phone or leave a card on file with us prior to pick-up as well.
  • We will email a receipt to you, not print. We are able to email from our iPads.
  • We will then retrieve your pet from the building and return them to you at your vehicle.
  • Please have your car door open to allow us to get your dog into your car.

Extra Cleaning Precautions:

The health and safety of our clients, your pets, and our staff have always been our number one priority at Barkefellers. Therefore, although our daily cleaning procedures are already very thorough, we are elevating our cleaning practices during this time. Here are a few steps we take to ensure the cleanest and safest facilities:

  • We have confirmed that the disinfectant used in our facilities is on the EPA’s Registered Antimicrobial Products for use against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.
  • We have a system in all our facilities which neutralizes odors, kills mold, bacteria and virus, and helps to control allergens.
  • We change our air-filters frequently to ensure the healthiest air in our facilities.
  • We have large exhaust fans in our hotel, which exchange air out within an hour.
  • We use a central cleaning system to avoid cross-contamination when cleaning our suites and daycare rooms.
  • All grooming tables, tubs, and dryers are cleaned daily.
  • We provide hand sanitizer all throughout our facilities and disinfect all office and high-touch areas.

We appreciate your trust in our care and support for Barkefellers throughout this evolving situation. We know that pets are family and we are here to help care for them during this time. Please take care of yourself and we look forward to seeing you and your four-legged family member soon!

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