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Shannon Strevels
Front Desk Manager
Shannon has been part of the Barkefellers family since November of 2013. She is a 2010 graduate of Roncalli High School and received her Veterinary Assistant degree at Harrison College in 2012. Before coming to Barkefellers, Shannon gained valuable experience over six years of working in the kennel and assisting with appointments and surgeries at a local veterinary clinic.

Shannon has four furry family members; Salina is a Corgi/German Shepherd mix, Belle is a Red bone Coonhound, Molly is a Lab/ St. Bernard Mix and a Miniature horse named Rebel.

When she isn’t busy managing Barkefellers’ Front Desk, Shannon enjoys camping, horseback riding, four-wheeling, watching football, playing volleyball, spending time with her friends and most important to Shannon – spending time with her family and pets.
“What I like most about working at Barkefellers is the atmosphere. I love seeing the different dogs that come in for Day Care, to stay the night with us or for grooming or training. It’s the best feeling connecting with their owners and sharing our love for our furry family members. I wouldn’t trade working at Barkefellers for anything. It’s the best job there is and – who can’t have a great day when you’re surrounded by great people and all the dogs that come through our doors daily?!”
Kelsey Verbarg
Front Desk Manager
Kelsey joined the Barkefellers family in May of 2015 as a Front Desk Attendant and earned her promotion to Front Desk Manager. She is currently a Junior at IUPUI, majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

When she’s not busy working at the Front Desk, Kelsey enjoys playing soccer, spending time with family and friends and playing with her 11 month old Boston Terrier Hadley.
“My favorite thing about working at Barkefellers? The DOGS! I really enjoy getting to know each one and look forward to seeing the ‘regulars’ every week!”
Barbara Kuntz
Front Desk Manager
Barbara joined the Barkefellers team in September of 2016 as a Front Desk Attendant. In March of 2017 she was promoted to Front Desk Manager.

In addition to managing the Front Desk, Barbara is also enrolled at Ivy Tech Community College, working towards her nursing degree.

Barbara has loved and cared for pets her whole life! Her furry family currently consists of a Jack Russell named Rocky and a Sugar Glider named Belle.

When she isn’t working at Barkefellers, Barbara enjoys reading, watching Netflix, working out and spending time with her husband.
“My favorite thing about working at Barkefellers is getting to know each dog’s’ personality and their families. The dogs, along with working with awesome people, make every day a lot of fun!”
Erin Capossere
Hotel Manager
Erin first joined the Barkefellers staff in September of 2010. She earned her GED in New York and plans to go back to school to become a licensed Veterinarian Technician.

Before coming to Barkefellers, Erin gained valuable pet care experience through positions with Petsmart and the Steven-Swan Humane Society in Utica, New York.

Erin’s family includes two big, beautiful dogs; Bowser (German Shepherd Dog) and Aspen (Great Pyrenees).

When she isn’t caring for pets at Barkefellers, Erin enjoys drawing, painting and spending time with her family.
“My favorite thing about working at Barkefellers is the bond we develop with the pets we care for and the relationships we build with our wonderful pet-parent customers.”
Amanda Doherty
Hotel Manager
Amanda joined the Barkefellers staff in April of 2014 as a Hotel/Day Care Attendant. She is a 2012 graduate of Franklin Central High School and attended college for two years.

When she found out she was expecting a child, Amanda decided to take a couple of years off from school to enjoy her daughter and be a full-time Mom. She continued to work here at Barkefellers throughout her pregnancy and then took a year off when her daughter was born. She returned to Barkefellers in February of 2016 and says she was “so excited to get back to all the dogs!”

Amanda also has two furry family members – Nala (Husky mix) and Bo (Beagle mix) – and a turtle named Eveline!

When she isn’t busy managing the Hotel at Barkefellers, Amanda enjoys being a Mom to her two year old daughter, as well as cooking, drawing, gardening, photography and ‘doing just about anything outside’.
“My favorite thing about working at Barkefellers is being able to work with so many interesting and unique dogs, and being able to provide great care for them. I care for each and every one of them as if they are my own!”
Katie Culver
Training Manager · Barkefellers University
Katie joined the Barkefellers family in August of 2012 as a Hotel/Day Care Attendant, earned a promotion to Hotel Manager and became the first Barkefellers University Trainer at the South location in 2016.

Katie says she’s loved dogs her whole life and has wanted to be a trainer since she was little. Her talent for training dogs became obvious at an early age; as a member of 4H, she showed her own dogs and excelled in advanced obedience and agility. At age 15, Katie joined the Franklin High School K9 Service Club, which provided hands-on experience through volunteer work. Over the course of 6 years, Katie volunteered hundreds of hours at animal care centers such as Johnson County Animal Control, Pit Bull Rescue and Humane Society of Johnson County.

When Katie was 20 she got married, only to discover six days later that her new husband had bone cancer. It was a very difficult time, as she helped him through chemo therapy, surgery and depression. Knowing they needed some positivity, Katie was inspired to get their pit bull mix involved as a therapy dog. She called in a trainer to help her get started, and after just two lessons, Katie was able to teach her dog how to pick up any dropped item and working on target training. Katie worked with her daily and together they mastered opening handicap doors, bracing (to help with falls) and even how to pull a wheelchair. Sadly, Katie’s husband lost his battle with cancer, so Katie placed her beloved pit bull in a home where she can put her skills to work as a service dog.

Katie is now happily remarried and her family includes four fur babies; Deja (English Mastiff), Doja (Shiloh Shepherd), Koda (Cocker Spaniel) and Paxton (Dachshund).

When she isn’t busy training at Barkefellers, Katie enjoys spending time with her husband and her dogs. She’s always engaged in learning new positive training techniques and studying dog behavior.
“As a Trainer at Barkefellers University, I get to work with so many great dogs & their people! I am so lucky – I get paid to do what I love!”
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